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Bucky the One-Eyed Reindeer, outraged a generation of Americans before the era of Rudolph.

Bucky the One-Eyed Reindeer, now a lonely recluse in sunny Boca Raton, Florida.



“Quite possibly one of the most important forgotten figures of the twentieth century. The Bucky Controversy deserves another look.”

Holly Ann McHoven

Professor of American History, Times Square Museum

“The buffoons who believe the “Bucky Conspiracy Theory” have bitten off more than they can chew. It’s  merely a kid’s song…”

Vincent Meehan

Professor of American History, Havard University


Historians that believe Bucky created the 1929 Great Depression.

A tale of Two Reindeer

  • People who have heard Rudolph’s story 99%
  • People who have heard Bucky’s story 2%
  • People who believe Rudolph’s story 2%
  • People who believe Bucky’s story 99%


Wall Street professionals who agree with the "No trade on Christmas Eve" Policy.

Turning Point for Christmas

America and the world need to re-evalute who is the most famous reindeer. With Bucky, we have the truth. We have the market crash.  Boca Raton sightings. With Rudolph, all we have is Santa approaching him on a “…foggy Christmas Eve…”

What’s happening in  Boca Raton?

Known for its endless summer climate, Bucky sightings continue and are up in 2017…

“I saw Bucky in September at the Boca Raton Street Fair. He was pissed.”

Diane Monroe

Dentist, Monroe Dental & Orthodonics

“I never knew animals could be so rude, especially an older reindeer. Frankly, Bucky’s name should be Yucky.”

James Lamar Bimbleton

Pharmacist, Boca Raton Pharmacy

“Large Coffee. Black. Severe atttiude. Never tips. Cuts in line sometimes, like he owns the place. Gets angry when Christmas music plays…And, he smells.”

Jose Hewitt

Barista, Boca Raton StarBucks Employee


Boca Raton Sightings 2017 vs 2016

“You hear about age bias in America. I live it day to day. Bucky and I are kindreds. The younger generation doesn’t get it. One day, they may be old and  cranky.”

Tom Harrell

Retiree, Boca Raton Resident

“Let’s stop pretending he doesn’t exist.”

Connie Woodman

Manager, Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce

“Don’t step in his yard. Respect the song. It is a warning. Many people come by and try. The authorities are often called when the situation escalates.”

Eric Lopez

Neighbor, Boca Raton Resident

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